Thursday, January 28, 2010


Hey! Thanks for checkin' out my blog! :-)

Aight...The aim of this blog is pretty simple. I love to learn about the world and explore the diversity of cultures, customs, traditions, languages, forms of expression, etc that exist all over the globe. To me, there is nothing more powerful than music to illustrate and expresses both the profound diversity and common experiences of human beings all over the world............. Now that I’ve gotten the “I’m so deep and philosophical” part out of the way... I also think that whether you listen quietly, nod your head, shake your groove thang, or try to sing along... jamming to new music from around the world is just plain fun!

So... I hope you’ll enjoy my sometimes deep, sometimes fun, hopefully always interesting blog about international music and musings!

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  1. Hello Karima, great to see you decide to start up a blog! It's always something I've wanted to do, but still can never get around to it, so props to you! So my name is Garrett and I am with a World Music promotions firm. Our basic motto is connecting cultures through music. So, I'm guessing we might be able to give you a ton of good content that might be right down your alley. Would it be possible for you to shoot me an e-mail so maybe we can discuss this further?
    I'd love to talk more!